Drawing out of doors is the best meditation in the world

Natalya Critchley

February 2010

I have spent years drawing industrial and urban landscapes all over the country, so this artist residency to register the building of the San Agustin cable car was a great gift to me.

The first time I went up to visit the site, I was amazed to discover that this hill is right in the middle of the Caracas valley, and it enabled to understand a bit better the complicated geography of the city.

It also gave me the opportunity to get to know that other half of the city that we rarely venture into, and which the general public will now discover with the cable car.

In the places where I have done this kind of work it’s always interesting for it’s inhabitants or workers to see how an artist perceives the space and I enjoy the exchanges that take place while working in situ. In this approximation relationships are established and new projects conceived, and tin this case that will make use of this new medium of public transport.