Murals in the Market: Detroit

Last but not least a few images from the Murals in the Market event last Friday in Detroit, an event that has grown exponentially in the last two years. The amount of people there was incredible and the murals impressive, although we come from a place where graffiti is a bit old hat having been co-opted for a political cause. Financing the medium encouraged exploration and Venezuelan tags and murals are much more creative than many I’ve seen abroad, but this is definitely more ambitious in scale and scope and not obliged to serve as propaganda. In fact the murals really make the most of what could be a devastated urban landscape and convert it into an open air museum.


3 thoughts on “Murals in the Market: Detroit

  1. Sería interesante que los murales fueran intervenidos por el transeunte. De esta manera se abriría un díalogo conceptual a través de la ´plástica. Por ejemplo: alguien plasma la imagen de Cristo con un rifle en sus manos. Otra persona convierte ese rifle en una cruz y otra en un escudo. Claro! sería un riesgo para las obras de arte que se exponen y enriquecen la mirada. Habría que preguntarse que sería lo más acertado movilizar o admirar.


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