Vintage Kalamazoo 2

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Some more Vintage Kalamazoo. Now the summer is over work has moved indoors and downsized to desktop painting! I was told once I was a ‘size queen’ and large formats have always been important to me, so finally accepting the challenge of this experiment has been interesting.

Partly because big paintings take meticulous planning, I can spend days debating over the order in which to proceed with layers of paint before it dries and it’s not always possible to have that spontaneity of wet-on-wet paint. Big paintings are all enveloping, you get completely engulfed by them, physical manipulation of heavy canvases with wet paint usually needs strength and a strategy and even then you get the paint all over you.

It also has to do with the whole extension of your body reaching out and stretching, it’s more of a dance. A little canvas is so contained and doesn’t forgive heavy-handedness too much either. There is something much more light-hearted though, you can go to town on one little detail, small ideas rather than the big statement composition and do several a day. Leaving behind my powdered pigments was a bit harder but ready made paint and canvases make it all very easy work.

So nearly ready for an upcoming ArtHop on Friday 2th of November at J-Bird Vintage on Vine Street.


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