One thought on “The show that wasn’t until fall

  1. Good to see your work on a wall again. But not open to visitors until the fall? due to confinement? Also looked at your exhibition on Kalamazoo. Cranes on the skyline! don’t remember that in 2013. Things must be happening in smalltown America – barring of course the world-wide slowdown. Hope things are OK for you. You seem to be keeping pretty active. Here the activity is all taking place in the garden – keeping on top of weeds and getting the veg patch going. Blossom and spring flowers have been magnificent.

    On Sun, Apr 19, 2020 at 6:08 PM Natalya Critchley wrote:

    > natalyacritchley posted: “The Long Walk, the exhibition part of the > Destination Venezuela series at the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Centre, now > moved to the fall. ” >


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