Crookedfield says Hi to Henry Hair Mattress: part 3

This exhibition has a retrospective character going back over 30 years of work, and shows something of the process of synthesizing the landscape to evolve into an abstract alphabet. Through Victor Fuenmayor’s critical text we can follow the process of the developing abstract alphabet and the reconstruction of this landscape with these symbols.



Víctor Fuenmayor, Maracaibo, November 25, 2016

Initially I perceive in Natalya Critchleys work (England 1963) a spatial disorder that draws me in as I unravel a code of signs that combine as text, articulating unusual ways of perceiving the urban and industrial landscape. All true creation begins with a deconstruction or creative destruction that leads us to create new ways of writing and new readings. Natalya Critchley invents a new landscape, recreating it imaginatively, which prompts a search for her codes for reading.

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Crookedfield says hi to Henry Hair Mattress: part 2


Natalya Critchley (Crookedfield)

Jimmy Yánez, Exhibition Curator, November 26, 2016

Whether the creation starts with an alphabet constructed from a spatial vision of the urban and natural landscape, or a web of forms and colours like a carpet, Natalya Critchley creates a unique poetic model from her texts.

As we are dealing with a retrospective exhibition, we will show this creative model in variety of media and materials throughout her career, with a convergence of forms in a constant crisscrossing of lines, like maps where we can imagine her writing with letters from her alphabet, an intercrossing of threads and metaphors repeated in her textual creation between geographical reference and the unique imaginary existent in the artists epoch.

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Crookedfield says Hi to Henry Hair Mattress

The name of my exhibition at Maczul (Museum of Contemporary Art, Maracaibo, Venezuela) opening on Saturday 26th of November refers to my longstanding admiration for Henri Matisse as something of an insider joke. Henry Hair Mattress was the name which Chicago students christened him with in their protest against the 1913 Armory Show, which travelled from New York to Chicago and where 80% of the city came to see this scandalous exhibition of modern art. Crookedfield is a rendition of my surname.

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