Crookedfield says hi to Henry Hair Mattress: part 2


Natalya Critchley (Crookedfield)

Jimmy Yánez, Exhibition Curator, November 26, 2016

Whether the creation starts with an alphabet constructed from a spatial vision of the urban and natural landscape, or a web of forms and colours like a carpet, Natalya Critchley creates a unique poetic model from her texts.

As we are dealing with a retrospective exhibition, we will show this creative model in variety of media and materials throughout her career, with a convergence of forms in a constant crisscrossing of lines, like maps where we can imagine her writing with letters from her alphabet, an intercrossing of threads and metaphors repeated in her textual creation between geographical reference and the unique imaginary existent in the artists epoch.

The alphabet elements in rubber, the paintings and drawings, transparencies, installations and videos indicate, both in material and form the constructive preoccupation parting from the same elements to create imaginary spaces that, without abandoning detailed reference to the city or nature does not make them evident and opts instead for an abstraction of maps, places and animal figures, indicating itineraries or pathways and giving predominance to an imaginary and contemporary communication in the metaphorical meanings made possible in her texts.

I point out the ordering of dashes and lines like geographical maps and bodies, a fusion of crossed lines like letters and objects that oscillate between realism and abstraction,  approximating documents, bridges and motorways mapped in aerial visions and urban landscapes as part of her personal experience of spatiality.




Translation: Natalya Critchley


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